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May 13, 2012



I've been SAP consultant for 3 years and found this book very ufeusl anyway. There were some details, which I didn't know well and this book explained them perfect. Case company for practical tasks is the USA company, so you need to be familiar with US finnacials, hence 4 stars

Chris Shaul

Departmental use of a cloud system is how Salesforce.com grew from nothing to $3 Billion in 12 years. A typical company has a department that is not satisfied with the larger system, contracts with a cloud provider, such as Salesforce (or Netsuite, etc.) and starts to use it. Pretty soon others get wind of this and want to be invited into the cloud party. And it expands until corporate IT gets wind of it and by then it is now a mainstream system and has created so much value that it cannot be dislodged. Thus the company incorporates it into their systems planning.

Nancy Beckman

"Cloud solutions facilitate access to critical information among distributed teams,"

That's really one of the biggest values in cloud computing. Being able to share accurate information quickly is crucial, especially when dealing with finance.

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