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October 30, 2006


Francois Dubuc

Jonathan, I infinitely agree with you. Congrats to Workday for not using HTML or Ajax for their apps, it's not those "technologies" that will lead the SaaS world in the future. They (NetSuite, Salesforce, etc.) were just there before the others and with huge investments for marketing, but at the end, take a ride in the "old" apps, you'll see it's infinitely restrictive with a "user interface" like we did in 1995. Today's SaaS apps can be infinitely more powerful and you're right Jonathan, people actually think those ones are "good", so yeah, stay tuned...

Jonathan Cuyno

What happens to Netsuite & Friends when the next software company comes out with the most “forward” thinking fully integrated Internet based business application? What will happen to the billion dollars of investment money?

“Good is only good as what you know to be good, if you don’t know any better you won’t know how “good” really can be.” There are over 20 million small businesses in America today with 80-90 percent family owned. How many can afford the high cost of technology that Netsuite & Friends charge?

It’s only a matter of time. Stay tuned…

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